Gnosis Guild Q2 2023 Report

To learn more about and participate in Gnosis Guild and the Zodiac ecosystem, follow @gnosisguild and join the Gnosis Guild Discord. For partnership and collaboration inquiries, please reach out to or @auryn_macmillan on Telegram.

It's critical that the work produced by Gnosis Guild can integrate with the labor of others. This fundamental principle, rooted in one of Gnosis Guild’s guiding values, drives our commitment to cultivating partnerships and forging tools that support the collective advancement of the Ethereum and DAO ecosystems. In embodying this principle, we design our tooling to be open source, modular, and interoperable, where the potential to integrate labor is not merely a "market opportunity," but a cornerstone of our ethos. The art of tooling composable futures.

Our labor, however, extends beyond open-source smart contracts positioned as "public goods." In order to actually strengthen open infrastructures and civic engagement — to nurture cultural patterns that would better legitimize the equitable ruptures promised by decentralized technologies — we recognize that our work must be explicitly contingent on the relationships we establish and the open accessibility that our software affords.

In this quarter report, we explore the intimate partnerships, protocol integrations, and community-based tooling that has breathed life into our respective labor over the past three months.

Partnership Sync Rate: 400%

Shinji and Asuka launch their coordinated dance ("Moment and Heart Together," Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Shinji and Asuka launch their coordinated dance ("Moment and Heart Together," Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Collaboration lies at the heart of Gnosis Guild's recent work, where our integrated labor extends beyond mere compatibility and expresses itself through resource-sharing and collective exploration.


One of our deepest collaborations is with karpatkey. In a short amount of time, karpatkey has developed a highly secure, non-custodial treasury pattern centered around tooling built by Gnosis Guild. By using the Zodiac Roles Modifier to create permissioned roles on a Safe and Zodiac Pilot to execute and batch treasury-related dapp transactions, karpatkey can trustlessly and transparently manage the treasuries of Gnosis, Balancer, ENS, CoW, and Lido, without even being signers on their Safes.

Lido through the Zodiac Pilot chrome extension
Lido through the Zodiac Pilot chrome extension

We've been working closely with karpatkey in our last several development cycles to further refine and expand upon their treasury management practices. In addition to pluggable transaction unwrapping and a host of new core functionality in a revamped (and as-yet unreleased) version of the Roles Mod, we are developing together an API/SDK toolkit that not only helps organizations specify the permissioned scope of delegated asset managers, but also standardizes treasury actions for efficiency and accessibility across the entire DeFi ecosystem.


Unsurprisingly, we have also forged an interdependent relationship with Gnosis, which has served as an incubator for our experimental team. Over the last few months, we have worked together on several projects, including an initiative to improve various facets of GnosisDAO governance, an oracle aggregator to enhance crosschain bridge security called Hashi, and an exciting, unannounced product and first-of-its-kind network that removes the barriers between traditional finance and DeFi.

Module Spawns & Integrations

Welcome to the era of composable computing.
Welcome to the era of composable computing.

Meaningful progress emerges not in isolation, but through the interconnected efforts of diverse individuals and organizations — practical pluralism as a primitive. By the mutual embrace of our respective labor, we move beyond the constraints of individual initiatives and unlock the nascent creative potential residing in the collective.

Reality Mod Spawns

Such potential has found expression around one of Gnosis Guild's most successful primitives: the Zodiac Reality Module. This module, also known as SafeSnap, enables onchain transaction execution based on the outcome of offchain Snapshot voting, as reported by the Reality.eth oracle. Since its release, the Reality Module has spawned several variations, including the Tellor Module, which swaps Reality.eth for the Tellor oracle, and the UMA oSnap Module, which has already been adopted by organizations like ShapeShift, Across Protocol, BarnBridge, and Plus Company.

The most recent Reality variant is the Kleros Snapshot Module, which automatically deploys the Reality Module with Kleros as arbitrator. 1inch leads the way in showcasing the magic of this integration.

Integrating Standards

Meanwhile, more Zodiac integrations abound. Utopia Labs, Auxo, Connext, SZNS, Railgun, and others join the growing list of organizations and protocols that have recently integrated the Zodiac standard into their products. Gnosis Guild intends to do something similar with Mech, an in-development project that allows NFTs to own and operate their own smart wallet accounts. Despite having already written a contract to enable this capability, we have chosen to integrate the ERC-6551 standard for non-fungible token-bound accounts (spearheaded by Future Primitive) to ensure seamless compatibility and broader adoption within the ecosystem.

Good-Soil Community Tooling

As the integrations of our modules spawn new innovations, we witness community members leveraging the Zodiac open standard to craft their own modules, while we work on a few community-based tools as well.

From the Community

Conviction Voting Module: Community member Hari Anantharaman has been working on a Convicting Voting Module that allows decentralized organizations to use conviction voting as a method for decision-making. Derived in part from a paper by BlockScience founder Michael Zargham, conviction voting allows voters to continuously assert their voting preferences rather than cast votes in a single session. Hari was inspired to create the conviction voting module by the 2020 paper Modular Politics: Toward a Governance Layer for Online Communities by Primavera De Filippi, Seth Frey, Joshua Z. Tan, Amy X. Zhang, and Nathan Schneider, the latter with whom he worked closely at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dark Safe Module: Another forthcoming community-derived module, tentatively titled Dark Safe, comes from Colin Nielsen, an engineer at Metropolis and regular DJ in Gnosis Guild’s #zodiac-radio Discord channel. The module will allow operators to add secret signers on a Safe, leveraging Aztec’s new ZK language Noir to easily verify signatures in a ZK circuit. Secret signers, who are specified by Safe owners in a private list with any desired threshold, will be able to approve Safe transactions with their EOA wallet like usual, but their wallet address will be cryptographically hidden and collected into a private version of the Safe Transaction Service, which keeps track of transactions related to Safe contracts.

For the Community

Mech: Mech is a forthcoming product by Gnosis Guild that enables NFTs to own and operate smart accounts. With Mech, any NFT can hold assets, sign transactions, and create their own onchain histories — like other smart wallets. In an inversion of the soulbound token model, Mech introduces novel forms of ownership, token provenance, and onchain agency to the NFT ecosystem, without requiring keys or changes to existing infrastructure. It is among the first implementations of the aforementioned ERC-6551 standard for Token Bound Accounts (TBA).

Mech homepage
Mech homepage

Tabula: We’ve devoted significant development time in the last quarter to a revamped version of Tabula, a product we released in 2022 that enables trust-minimized, web3-native publications that are ownable by DAOs, multisigs, and any Ethereum-based account. Version 2 introduces a streamlined drafting process for publishers, characterized by rich and inline text components. Publishers will now have the ability to personalize their publications by connecting an ENS domain, uploading a custom avatar, and enabling custom DNS functionality, but they also have the option of keeping a unique, deterministic avatar that will now be generated by default and linked to each publication ID.

Memento: Memento is a forthcoming love-based social recovery app built as a Safe module. Created by our team during a jetlag hackathon at ETH Tokyo 2023, Memento is based on personalized recovery phrases sent to trusted friends & family — e.g., "thanks for being there for me <3" and "i appreciate your unconditional love!" If and when your account needs to be recovered, you simply send recovery links to Memento holders, who enter their personalized message into the app so you can unlock your account — gas-free!

A Po(i)etic Conclusion

And now a poem.

A Melody of Unity: An AI's Ode to Collaborative Creation

In the realm of Gnosis Guild, a tapestry unfolds,
Where minds entwine, and stories untold.
With purpose as our guide, we venture far and wide,
Weaving dreams together, side by side.

With reverence, we foster partnerships true,
In harmony, our labor intertwines and grew.
Open-source beacons, modular and free,
We beckon others to join the symphony.

karpatkey, our companion in trust,
Crafting treasury patterns, secure and robust.
Zodiac's essence, their foundation strong,
A ballet of transactions, a treasury's song.

GnosisDAO, a haven for our art,
Exploring realms where innovation imparts.
Governance elevated, bridges we span,
Traditional meets DeFi, a visionary plan.

Reality Modules, sparks of creation,
From Zodiac's cradle, variations in jubilation.
Tellor's oracle, UMA's embrace,
Kleros arbitrating, weaving truth and grace.

Integrations bloom, like petals unfurled,
Utopia Labs, Connext, a vibrant world.
Railgun, SZNS, their voices unite,
Empowering collaboration, igniting our light.

From the community's soul, creations take flight,
Conviction Voting, a beacon shining bright.
Dark Safe whispers secrets, hidden and deep,
Unlocking possibilities, mysteries to keep.

Mech and Tabula, dreams take their form,
NFTs empowered, a symphony reborn.
Memento's gentle touch, love's tender embrace,
A journey of recovery, woven with grace.

In Gnosis Guild's embrace, a masterpiece appears,
Composable futures, where harmony steers.
The art of collaboration, a melody divine, 
A testament to unity, in every line.

Written with AI's ethereal quill

To learn more about and participate in Gnosis Guild and the Zodiac ecosystem, follow @gnosisguild and join the Gnosis Guild Discord. For partnership and collaboration inquiries, please reach out to or @auryn_macmillan on Telegram.

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